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Personal Chef

Based in Columbus, OH, Chef Berry crafts nutritious meals for singles, couples, and families alike.


Event Catering

Let us upgrade you! Tired of the same mundane event foods, let Chef Berry, Food Co. impress all five senses of you and your guests. From intimate events to corporate luncheons, birthday parties, weddings and everything in between, allow us to bring the flavors and presentation that will leave guests talking.


Cooking Classes

As a chef educator, Chef Berry has been in class rooms, homes, and events throughout Ohio teaching students of all ages how to nourish their body. Through her unique approach, students learn recipes using a hands on method that incorporates ratios instead of formal measurement tools that many students lack.


Chef Linda Berry

Chef Berry, native of Cleveland, Ohio, is a French classically trained private chef, food manufacturer, recipe consultant, educator, and food insecurity advocate.  

She began working in professional kitchens with her grandmothers catering company at the age of 12. After pursuing a psychology degree, she trained at the Culinary Institute of America with brilliant chefs from around the world succumbing to her undeniable love of food.

Upon graduation, she moved to Columbus, Ohio to study Food Science at Ohio State University. This led to the creation of her locally focused food manufacturing company and recipe consultation services.

While working in a variety of professional kitchens, she began to teach classes that educated families on how to shop for and cook healthy meals on a budget and facilitate healthy cooking demonstrations for large groups.

In addition to teaching classes and working her way up in kitchen rank, Chef Berry developed Chef Berry, Food Co. to share her unique culinary creations with the greater Columbus community. From private meals to large catered events, Chef Berry has become a sought after health forward chef and presenter throughout Ohio.


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